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Ant Bead in Classic Ivory
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My personal jewelry: An Ant Bracelet with one of my PMC clasps in the shape of an ant.

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Various Shape and Sizes of Ant Beads

Ant Bead in Classic Ivory
These beads have a specific color scheme: ivory base, dotted with clear, and twistee and dot decoration in black, white, ochre and transparent amber---very Autumn. The ants could be black, red (nasty ones here in Florida!) or green. If you tell me the shape and size you want, I'll get creative. I guarantee these beeds will start a conversation. The Bead pictured to the left is in the permanent collection of The Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona. And there is one at the Kobe Bead Museum in Japan. They have six legs and they get around! ***PLEASE NOTE: All the Ant Beads in the photos are no longer available. They serve only as examples of what the Ant Beads look like.
Reference: 17790

Price: $25.00

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Please let me know if you want a pair of matching beads.

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