Barbara Becker Simon

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Bubble Bead - Round
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Lime Green

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This is a necklace that has Purple Bubble Beads in it. NFS

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Amber Bubble Beads

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Lime Green Bubbles

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Look how my friend Julia Woodman used the Bubble Beads on the server she forged!

Bubble Bead - Round
These beautiful beads are my interpretation of an abstract watercolor--all loose and painterly. Quite a departure from my usual precise, graphic approach to surface decoration. With the exception of the XSmall bead which is solid, they are all lovely, round hollow beads; lightweight but strong. Every one contains some dichroic glass "bling" and fine silver dots. There is enamel, pixie dust, and areas of matte texture too. With all this going on, you can imagine what a rich surface this bead has! I have attached a photo of a necklace done with the purple version of these beads. Truly romantic beads! Check out the cylinder and cones that co-ordinate with these beads to creat your jewelry! ***PLEASE NOTE: All the Bubble Beads in the photos are no longer available. They serve only as examples of what the Bubble Beads look like.
Reference: 17791

Price: $16.00

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Linda Edmunds wrote on May 31,2010
These bubble beads are spectacular. I am impatient for your class and visit at Southern Flames in Atlanta