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California Beads-Round
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Necklace made with Lavender CA Beads NFS

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More examples of round California Beads. The beads in the top row are really big--all at least1 1/8" diameter.

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Clear and Gray

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Light Aqua

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California Beads-Round
Talk about yummy beads, these look like sherbet! All but the XSmall are hollow adding to their light and airy look. Each has a black, white, or black & white graphic design on it's surface. When used all together, it looks like a crazy quilt of beads! The surface has been frosted to give the beads a soft glow. The designs on the beads are all randomly created by me and if you specify the size, body color, and whether you want all white, all black or a combination of the two, I will do the rest to come up with a perfectly charming bead. PLEASE NOTE: All the beads shown have been sold many moons ago. They are pictured here to give you an idea of what the California Beads are all about.
Reference: 17865

Price: $12.00

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Teresa Dunivent wrote on December 23,2009
I was on Deb Weld's Facebook when I saw a bracelet you made. Do your beads sell by strand size or by individual beads? I love them, and would like to know in order to plan on buying some.