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Assorted Chips

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Necklace with Chip Beads NFS

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Two Necklaces using the Filgrano glass for the Chip Beads.

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Here you can see the three sizes and a variety of colors and the two glass types (transparent and opaque).

Fantastic potential!!! I designed these square beads to have an outward direction on the body, not like a bead that lays flat on the body. It opens up great design options. I like to use them exclusively in a necklace or as spacers with other beads. They come in small, medium, and large. They can be in transparent glass, opaque glass, or filagrano. Using filagrano glass results in a Chip Bead that has tiny stripes of color layered with clear. You can see them here on the left in the large detail image of the two necklaces. Really fun look. Each Chip has a little collar of glass at the hole so that when you string it, it sits a little distance from it's neighbor. Otherwise they would mash up against the beads beside them and you won't get a good look at the Chip! All the Chips have a tiny line of black around the circumfrence to give the bead a real POP! I am mad about these beads and so are my customers. OOOH! PS Check out my Finished Jewelry Category for some of these Chip Necklaces that I have for sale......gorgeous! ***PLEASE NOTE: All the Chips in the photos are no longer available. They serve only as examples of what the Chip Beads look like.
Reference: 17870

Price: $8.00

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