Barbara Becker Simon

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Jacqueline K. Wells wrote on March 20,2018
Barbara- I just watched you on CraftCast and I absolutely feel in love with your PMC Macaroni pendants. Great online class. Hope you'll do more CraftCast classes as you are a great instructor.

buy essays wrote on March 19,2018 about this piece
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Brooke Conrad wrote on March 15,2018 about this piece
Really an eye catching up in the material used to make it since they look precious and the person will do everything to make it stunning and looks good on hand, its massive black and white color combination will make it amazing you were be look more graceful after wearing this bracelet.

Heathe wrote on February 2,2018 about this piece
I like this bangle. It is looking so pretty and nice. When i wear this type of bangle lot of people said it is looking so modern and stylish. The article you have shared here is very awesome. I really like and appreciate your work. The points you have mentioned in this article are useful.

Mimir wrote on February 2,2018 about this piece
I like this bangle. It is looking so pretty and nice. When i wear this type of bangle lot of people said it is looking so modern and stylish. The article you have shared here is very awesome. I really like and appreciate your work. The points you have mentioned in this article are useful.
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salvadortorres wrote on January 31,2018 about this piece
An amazing piece of beads.Thank you for the inspiration & talented blog !!! Happy to get this post here and good luck for other writing.For good writing visit online services

Joanne B. Kark wrote on June 15,2017
My large silver ring with the expressive oval face of an amazing gentleman is a piece of art that I will always cherish. Thank you for the inspiration & talent !!! Sorry u weren't an Booth #11 at the June 2017 Milwaukee Brad & Button Show. I'd like to know more about my ring. Is it made of silver metal clay ? Also, I've since looked on your

I'm just as thrilled to be wearing a ring that u created, now and as when I bought it at Milwaukee 2017 Bead/Button Show. Thank u for ur creativity & artistry. Sorry u weren't at Booth #11 on teachers night. Would u please tell me about my big old silver man face ring !!!! Is it silver metal clay? The leap from beeds to rings? TY Jo

Susan K Hendricks wrote on April 27,2016
I have a white necklace and earrings from you; one of the disc earrings broke!!! Could I purchase a single replacement earring?

Matt wrote on September 3,2014
Thanks Barbara the Class Sunday was great. I bought Aicha the ants in your pants bead not Knowing that while we were trading she was in the Ladies room stripping down because she sat down on the front steps and got a bunch of the real ones in her clothes one nice bite right on the butt

wierd huh

Virginia Lehner wrote on October 5,2012 about this piece
Do you still make lampwork teacup beads?

pier wrote on September 14,2012
bel lavoro davvero molto originale .. complimenti

Paula Rozelle wrote on July 23,2012
Hi Clio Sister!

I am working on the 2012 luncheon and got some emails from Dana. I googled your name to try to verify your mailing address and came upon your website! Lovely stuff! I will treat myself at Christmas with one of your bracelets; maybe you will have some smalls by then? Look for your luncheon invitation in a couple of weeks.

Lynda Woods wrote on June 24,2012
I recently bought a belt with a lot of bling (white crystals) on it in a Naples store (Protocol). It had the name b.b. simon. Is this one of your creations?

Karen wrote on May 15,2012
Hi Barbara,

I am one of many who has purchased your awesome beads!. I am again contacting you inquiring about a price for one of your silver fishes.

Maggie wrote on May 1,2012
please some one contact me I want to purchase a crown ...209-6635242

Elsa Jimenez wrote on January 17,2012
I really admire the breads with the faces it's just something I saw that was so different and I love it
URL: http://Tiigandpooh01

Mary Brown wrote on January 4,2012
Barbara-- Made a great necklace awhile back using Bubble Beads and Knitted Wire Beads that sold well. I am interested in purchasing more of the Amber Bubble Beads and am looking for appropriate spacers. Don't see a color in your Cheerio's that works and might want another shape anyway. How about the California Disks in Amber? Do they look right with Bubble Beads?

Nancilee Bodine wrote on September 19,2011
Thank you for the information regarding firing sterling silver with PMC3!

C. Blanchard wrote on September 18,2011
Barbara we might be related

My mother was a Becker from New York

Marilyn Cook wrote on July 30,2011
Hi Barbara, I plan on coming up to Florida for a visit from the Caribbean in either Jan or Feb

Any chance you will be holding a bead, ring,etc class in your studio???? thanks

Janet Weisel wrote on July 13,2011
Can you please tell me how large the hole is in the California beads? Also, I assume the price is per bead, but I am confused. What is the actual price for the 5/8" size? Is it $18 or $24. Thanks for your help. Your beads are lovely and I am hoping to use them for my daughter's wedding.

Yvonne Doolittle Mayer wrote on May 28,2011
I was a student of yours at UW Stout. Always admired you and your work. Congrats on your latest award. Take care.

robin rosenblatt wrote on May 3,2011
Barbara - your beads are a work of art. Lets hope you get to Melbourne soon, and with your beads. Cheers, Robin

Linda Sudimack wrote on April 28,2011
Your beads are fantastic

Kathy McKee wrote on April 12,2011
I love your work, are you ever coming to Cincinnati for a workshhop? Brazee Studio?

flohig wrote on February 5,2011
It's wonderful creation , you're a great artist !!!

Sharon wrote on January 1,2011
I love your ant and fish beads! True eye candy! Ever consider coming north to Canada to give a lesson?

sharod harrell wrote on November 25,2010
wats good

Pamela wrote on August 11,2010
Dear Barbara:

The beads comes individual or by packages?

Linda Hartman wrote on August 10,2010
I create one of a kind jewelry and sell it for my charities. Everyone loves my work but I felt it was becoming common place. I needed a pick me up.I have been getting bored as to what was out there in beads for me to purchase and work with...THEN I saw some of your beads. They are stunning. Thank you for your creativity. It is refreshing.

Maya wrote on July 25,2010
Your artistry is spectacular! I love all of your work. I never liked cones but when I saw your California Beads - wow! my mind was changed. I hope to put an order in soon.

Linda Edmunds wrote on May 31,2010 about this piece
These bubble beads are spectacular. I am impatient for your class and visit at Southern Flames in Atlanta

ute wrote on May 26,2010
Love your bubble beads. I work with art clay and am just getting into glass.

Molly Bell wrote on May 21,2010
Great site - I love your work!

All the best,


Jennie Halliwell wrote on May 12,2010
Your work is wonderful...Its got great feeling...thanks

Valerie wrote on May 4,2010
I was reading the book Creative Metal Clay Jewelry and saw the glass beads with the PMC cores.. I love you have them available?? I didn't think that you could make the bead around the clay and fire it.

Karen Keopuhiwa Bierer wrote on April 22,2010
I just love your work and found this site too! I'm thinking about the fish myself

and wanted to know if you're familiar with the State of Hawaii Native Fish?

You can google it. Or I'll send you the name, that's better I send the name of the fish. karen

ellie silk wrote on April 9,2010
Hi Barbara,

Your new online is very intriguing to me. It's truly eye-candy.I will return to purchase some beads to go along with my treasured fish. Look forward to seeing you at Purdue.


Marsha Hills wrote on April 7,2010
hi Barbara

please add me to your mailing


Thank you

Karen Keopuhiwa wrote on March 10,2010
Hi Barbara! Gosh, I can't beleive I finally found you! I have a question on the bubble beads: are the 3 stacked come as a set or individual beads? I'd like to purchase them.

Thasnk you,


DyANNE WELCH wrote on March 1,2010
hi Barbara, I was so disappointed to be out of the country when you taught in San Antonio! Am so happy to have the opportunity to be your book!!

Martin Caraba wrote on February 27,2010
Barbara send me information about your workshop in orlando area and in yor studio i have a lot of interest to learn the art of pmc

Norah Khong wrote on February 26,2010

Greetings from Malaysia. I am crazy about 'Romantic Country' magazines eversince the first time I came across at our local bookstore in Kuala Lumpur.

I saw your website published by the Editor. I surfed and admire your DIY collections. I am also doing all sorts of bangles,ear rings,necklaces when I feel like it. I sell the stuff at our weekend flea market and they make good money.

Glad that we have similar taste.Happy to share with you.

JoAnn Greenspun wrote on February 13,2010
great beads...

colleen barrett wrote on February 9,2010
Love your work!! is there any chance of you coming back to australia to teach??

shari mcalarney wrote on January 18,2010
what an inspiration. I have been doing beads for 15 years and not many inspire me...I make seashell can check them out on my facebook if you want...I moved to Florida 4 years ago and finally after 3 years have perfected the conch....Id love to take a workshop can you send me some info?

New Art Review Publishing wrote on January 7,2010
We love your work! Please consider our call for jewelry for our new publication JUST JEWELRY at

. We think your designs are just what we are looking for!


New Art Review Publishing


Mark McCleary wrote on December 31,2009
I think that I will take your class at Arrowmont this June. Am taking beginners class at The Fineline in St. Charles, IL

Teresa Dunivent wrote on December 23,2009 about this piece
I was on Deb Weld's Facebook when I saw a bracelet you made. Do your beads sell by strand size or by individual beads? I love them, and would like to know in order to plan on buying some.



petra hübner wrote on December 18,2009
Hello Barbara

I will be at your class January 11th & 12th in Creativ Glass Kindhausen and wanted to ask you to bring me 2 packages of rubber cords and some bubble glass beads. Is it posssible for you?

I'm looking forward to the time with you, nice regards

Petra Hübner

Ann Davis wrote on December 11,2009
Barbara!! What a beautiful website!! Gorgeous work!!!

Caroline from England wrote on November 22,2009 about this piece
Ditto - stunning work.

Tamara wrote on November 18,2009
It was such a great pleasure meeting you and taking your class! ~ I loved the format because I often get over-whelmed and excited about the information being offered in a workshop and would rather soak up as much as possible than to try and create something at that moment. Although, I would have enjoyed playing with the prisma technique! Thank you for all the extra advice at dinner and for your purse purchase! I hope to see you again and soak up some more BBS inspiration!!! Fondly, Tamara

Cindy White wrote on October 31,2009
Your new website is AWESOME!! It is so much easier to see all of your glorious work. Thank you for the changes.

Manuela Wutschke wrote on October 26,2009
Dear Barbara,

first at all I wanted to tell you that I simply adore your book as I do with your work too.

Today I wanted to buy the wonderful Rubber Tube Lock Cords and when I updated my cart because shipping to Germany it told me 30.00 US$ for shipping, that´s means more than the cords :-). Is it really the amount for shipping?

Thanks for your answer and all my best wishes to you



Sally Chopping wrote on October 8,2009 about this piece
Your work is absolutely beautiful.